Company Introduction

  • Subsidiary of the world’s No.1 tobacco company “Philip Morris International.”
  • Philip Morris Japan owns the 2nd largest market share in Japan led by the global No.1 brand Marlboro, in addition to top brands LARK, Virginia S. and Parliament.
  • Started business in Japan in 1985.
  • Developed an innovative product that may potentially reduce health risks and is continuously working towards reducing various harms caused by tobacco products.
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Product that made revolutionary changes to the tobacco industry - IQOS

IQOS is an innovative heated tobacco product that was first launched in Japan before expanding to other countries.IQOS heats tobacco leaves rather than burning them, so it produces no ashes, is free of cigarette smoke smell and keeps the air clean indoors*.

Since launching in 2015, IQOS has captured an overwhelmingly large share of market.

IQOS is currently enjoyed by over one million legal age smokers throughout Japan.

*According to a test based on international standards (EN15251:2007, ISO16814:2008), IQOS was proven to demonstrate no negative impact on indoor air quality.

IQOS 見つけよう、新しい魅力。

The Brands of Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris International (PMI) has the strongest and most diverse brand portfolio in the industry, led by Marlboro, the world’s number one selling brand, and L&M, the fourth most popular brand. Philip Morris Japan sells approximately 85 SKUs across four brand families from the strong brand portfolio of PMI: Marlboro, LARK, Parliament and Virginia S.

  • Marlboro

    World’s top combustible
    cigarette brand since1972

  • LARK

    Third biggest brand in Japan
    with a history of over 50 years

  • Parliament

    Global premium brand
    featuring the original
    Recessed FilterTM

  • Virginia S.

    International brand for female
    legal age smokers