7 Key Behaviors

Philip Morris Japan provides various opportunities for our employees to grow professionally. Among these are the 7 Key Behaviors listed below – an established set of clearly defined, key guidelines. These behaviors not only make up the foundation of our corporate culture, they are also performance measurements for our employees. This in turn makes these behaviors considerably important guidelines to achieve success at Philip Morris Japan.

  • Learning

    You learn rapidly and eagerly; curiosity motivates you to explore imaginative solutions, draw insights from experiences and seek perspective from others.

  • Collaboration

    You eagerly and openly share with others, exchanging ideas and information to achieve better outcomes.

  • Entrepreneurship

    You are inspired to pursue ideas and innovation that generate new possibilities, improvement and value.

  • Agility

    You are agile and flexible; capable and courageous to confront issues and opportunities with speed, endurance and decisiveness.

  • Communication

    You promote open and honest conversation to facilitate understanding, engagement and alignment.

  • Impact

    You demonstrate a drive for results by saying what you will do and doing what you say.

  • Leading

    You lead through words, actions and behaviors that inspire individuals and teams to set and reach ambitious goals.