Jumped into this industry for career progression MAI

Jumped into this industry for career progression

Brand Supervisor




I challenged myself to join a foreign company so that I can step up to the next level

I was working with a cigarette company in my previous job and gained interest in this industry. Therefore, I started to seek an opportunity with Philip Morris Japan. Because it is a global company, there is a firm set of goals that you are expected to deliver. On the flip side, I realized that it also presents a great opportunity because achieving such goals leads to further career progression.


Just making a sales proposal is not good enough
Building relationships produces greater results

Currently I am in charge of central Tokyo area which has high potential, such as the rapid share growth of IQOS. I analyze customer segment by retailer characteristics, for example convenience stores, because it helps to customize my proposal in order to increase sales volume. More specifically, for a store with higher share of female legal age smokers, I would recommend to display our brands that are popular among them on a store shelf near the cash register. To foster such a situation, I first start by building a good relationship with the store managers by visiting off peak hours to firmly understand their true needs. Once we get to know each other more, then I present my proposal which satisfies those needs. There was a case once where I managed to secure the best spot to display our products thanks to the solid business relationship I had built. It is rewarding to see my ideas and actions translate directly into tangible results.


An environment that truly supports women’s career progression

When I first joined this company, I instantly realized that there is an open atmosphere that encourages its employees to speak up. There is already a strong base for gender equality and the company keeps on striving to offer a better workplace for everyone. One example is “Joshi-café”, a casual female gathering, organized by the company. This is a good opportunity for female workers, both Sales representatives and head office employees, to exchange honest opinions about the work environment. Under such a caring environment, I can confidently pursue my career in this company. In the future, I want to see myself progressing in marketing by leveraging my previous experience in both sales and advertising. For my aspiration to materialize, I will continue to deliver best results with my current role. This is the time to further establish my skills at the frontline of sales and to prepare for the next step.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

I have seen Philip Morris Japan give its employees opportunities for career progression, including cross functional movements. I encourage you to apply to this company if you are looking for a place to build a robust career.


Relevant available positions

Field Sales

Raise the market share of our products via executing sales activities in convenience stores and tobacco retailers within assigned areas.


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.

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