I was assessed properly And, I will do the sameMASASHI

I was assessed properly And, I will do the same

Unit Commercial Supervisor




What I learned from my senior members still lives on

I wanted to sell products that I like, and that’s why I joined Philip Morris Japan. In the beginning I was in charge of a small area in Shizuoka prefecture. I joined as a new graduate, therefore I had to acquire new skills from scratch. My senior members kindly taught me key elements required to be an independent and successful professional. After I was able to deliver results, I was appointed to a position to lead a team. Everything I learned from my initial experience is still valuable in my current position, especially when I manage my own members.


No need to feel alone. You will always get the necessary support from your team

Currently, I’m a Unit Commercial Supervisor managing a team of 7 sales representatives. Everyone on the team is busy making their plans visiting clients directly from their home. However, they are not operating alone. In fact I am in touch with them every day. Based on a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, I routinely call them and provide proper guidance in order to develop each members’ capabilities to support them deliver their annual targets. For example, we discuss the types of skills they need to acquire, and/or the areas they need to focus on to advance their careers. Furthermore, to provide holistic feedback, I ask clients directly for their opinions about my team members’ performance.


I was given an opportunity to become the youngest Unit Commercial Supervisor in the company

Becoming a Unit Commercial Supervisor after gaining experience at the head office is the typical career ladder, but I was directly promoted to this position with the support of my colleagues. Based on individual performance, Philip Morris Japan provides fair opportunities to each employee’s career aspirations. Furthermore, beyond performance, there is an evaluation test that delivers an objective review of your capabilities. My next career goal is to manage a bigger team. Here at Philip Morris Japan, I strongly believe that I will be able to realize this goal in the near future.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

What’s most appealing are the people in this company. My managers have a clear understudying of my career aspirations and provide constructive feedback. I cannot emphasize enough how much this company focuses on growing the capabilities of its employees.


Relevant available positions

Field Sales

Raise the market share of our products via executing sales activities in convenience stores and tobacco retailers within assigned areas.


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.

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