Sales through a woman’s eyes Opening new doors in a large scale firm NATSUMI

Sales through a woman’s eyes Opening new doors in a large scale firm

IQOS Development Supervisor




My first global company
Would I be able to work in such a big organization?

I wanted to work in an environment that allows me gain direct interaction with people. I also wanted a large scale job. Those were my thoughts as I was looking to change careers, and that’s when I came across Phillip Morris Japan. When I went to the head office for an interview, I was overwhelmed by its massive scale. I had some reservation since it was a foreign-affiliated company, but the evaluation system was very clear-cut, which made it attractive as a workplace. I decided to join, to at least try and take on this challenge.


When in trouble, pick up the phone
Much deeper interpersonal relationships than anticipated

The first thing I noticed after joining the company was the close working relationships. Because of the merit system, I thought there would be some distance between people, but my team was very friendly and receptive. If an issue arises, your manager or colleague is only a call away. Although I make my rounds alone as a sales professional, I feel truly grateful for having such a wonderful team.
In my second year, I was assigned to the central Tokyo district, known for its high performance. As I did not want to be left behind, I proactively raised several business initiatives. One of them was an order for a considerable amount of products to be placed in stores, and because I got involved with more enthusiasm than ever before, I was able to achieve my individual target! My senior colleague told me “you’ve really grown”, which made me feel like I was finally part of the group. I was so happy!


Being a female has its advantages

Ever since I became responsible for the IQOS business, I have proactively suggested ideas whenever my manager was asking for input on how to encourage female legal age smokers to convert from combustible cigarettes to the new product.
Now, I am in charge of a certain IQOS project as a leader. Through discussions with numerous females, there was a number of thoughts and concerns I was not aware of. More than the technicality of the product, they simply want to know, “Is it good or bad?” What they are really interested in is the voice of other female customers. I also hear many comments about “I don’t like my hair to smell like tobacco.” I truly believe IQOS is a product that especially women want. Because I myself am a member of this gender category, I can understand needs that are delicate and unique to the female group, which helps me propose ideas and bring them to life. I experience this through my everyday work and find it very interesting.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

We have a corporate culture that supports female sales professionals to perform well long-term. On top of that, I constantly feel I am fully leveraging my unique strengths as a woman through our everyday work and projects. I hope there will be more of us sharing this feeling together. We are waiting for you!


Relevant available positions

Field Sales

Raise the market share of our products via executing sales activities in convenience stores and tobacco retailers within assigned areas.


Develops business strategies for IQOS – our “heat not burn” tobacco product. In addition, convert legal age smokers of combustible cigarettes to IQOS

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