Opportunities to gain experience in several departments encourages me to take on challenges overseas YUJI

Opportunities to gain experience in several departments encourages me to take on challenges overseas

District Commercial Manager




Here I can expand my opportunities
This expectation was the decisive factor in joining this company

A global company with affiliates around the world. That was one of the biggest reasons why I took interest in Philip Morris Japan. As a university student, I aspired to gain overseas experience. I heard that there were many employees at Philip Morris Japan who made a switch from sales to marketing, so I felt I could expand my possibilities through experiencing various roles here. That was why I decided to join the company.


Open your own path by always keeping in mind new and creative proposals

I joined the field sales and my first assignment was in a suburban area. I kept in mind not just to achieve my goals, but to share the process with the team as well. Because of that, I got reassigned to a more urban area with tougher competition. There I proposed a unique promotion activity based on the traffic line of legal age smokers in convenience stores and was able to see results. My achievements in sales activities were acknowledged, which led to me moving to the head office doing planning in the Corporate Sales department. I put my effort into proposing my own ideas. I succeeded in the ideation and realization of a sampling scheme within convenience stores, and now almost all convenience store chains use this scheme. I was very happy to see my idea expand and establish itself as an accepted method. I am still very grateful for receiving this opportunity despite my limited experience.


A sudden opportunity arose where I was chosen to participate in the Sales & Marketing Trainee Program (SMTP)

Then, a totally unexpected thing happened. I was summoned as one of the inaugural members of the SMTP, a program aimed at creating future leaders. This included an inter-department rotation program which lasted over a period of two years. In my case, I was able to be involved in the business strategy of various departments such as Brand, Sales, and IQOS. Up until then, my focus at work was mainly through the eyes of corporate customers, but this program gave me an opportunity to obtain skills toward thinking through the eyes of the consumer. I also took English conversation lessons as a part of competency development. Within the management of Philip Morris Japan, there are many expatriates coming from overseas, so business proposals are done in English which enabled me to grow my language skills as well. The multidisciplinary learnings gained during my time while in the SMTP are being well utilized in the Corporate Sales department which I am currently a part of.


What was once a dream, now closer to becoming a realistic goal

Ever since my university days, I was interested in working outside of Japan. But now, 10 years since joining this company, playing an active role internationally can be made into a realistic goal. Philip Morris Japan has an overseas job assignment program, so I want to utilize that opportunity as much as I can. Wherever I may be, I want to keep in mind proposing my ideas and continuing to grow.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

People who are up for a challenge, or who want to expand their opportunities should definitely take the leap into our company. Your manager, as well as the company overall, will actively provide you with growth opportunities. In a few years’ time, you might be able to see yourself becoming something completely unimaginable from your current self.


Relevant available positions


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.

Field Sales

Raise the market share of our products via executing sales activities in convenience stores and tobacco retailers within assigned areas.

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