I was able to grow in the 25 years with Philip Morris Japan because the company understands my personal circumstancesKIYOMI

I was able to grow in the 25 years with Philip Morris Japan because the company understands my personal circumstances





Within my 25-year career here,
I initiated action in key moments

Looking back, I realize that in crucial moments of my career, I took action based on a strong will to “do what I want to do”. The first instance was after returning from maternity leave when I moved from the IT team to Trade Marketing. I wanted to do something else other than System Engineering, which was my expertise since joining the company, so I talked directly to my manager to initiate this change. The second time was when my responsibilities switched from the IQOS project to combustible cigarettes. It was a period when we were setting up the IQOS brand, and while it was very fulfilling, it required a lot of traveling. Since this was difficult to align with my personal circumstances at that time, I consulted my manager and agreed to transfer to a team which required less business trips. I believe I was able to stay in Philip Morris Japan for so long because this company has the flexibility to support and develop my career while taking both my personal and professional circumstances into consideration.


A welcoming working environment for women

When I came back from maternity leave, my colleagues and manager were proactively making effort for me to leave the office on time. If there was a specific task, they would inform me well in advance. There is also another episode that left a strong impression on me recently. I needed to take care of my family for a while and after discussing with my colleagues and manager, I was allowed to work for a period of one month by combining paid leave with working from home under the ‘flexibility system’ that the company implemented. Once again I was able to realize that we have an environment that accepts such circumstances as common practice.


Always maintain the quality of my work, regardless of the situation

When dealing with a changing environment due to my family situation, what I always keep in mind is to maintain the quality of my work. I am better at managing projects through analysis and process management, rather than creating something new from scratch. I am currently on a team which conducts long-term planning for combustible cigarette’s sales channels. I am trying to do my best within the time frame that I am in the office.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan is a great company to work for if you have a strong will to move forward. Women like me who have children are able to continuously progress for 25 years. This is a company that provides plenty of opportunities for those who possess the will to succeed.


Relevant available positions


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.


Grow our brands’ equity and share by developing long term strategies, innovation pipeline and digitally enhanced product initiatives by leveraging consumer insight and direct engagement.

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