Persistent effort, together with team collaboration delivers substantial success YASUHITO

Persistent effort, together with team collaboration delivers substantial success

Manager IQOS Sales




The excitement of delivering big results with a big team

At my previous company, the maximum number of people I had managed was 10. But I wanted to see myself leading a bigger team, in order to deliver bigger results. With that in mind, I decided to accept the offer from Philip Morris Japan to “lead a team of 50-60 members”. My first position was in the field as a manager leading them. My goal was to have the team understand the needs of our customers, and proactively take actions in a timely manner to seize the opportunities. In order to do so, I analyzed the team’s “ways of working” and took steps to strengthen our overall capability to effectively deliver against our objectives. This enabled us to deliver stronger results as a whole. When I look back now, it truly was an exciting year.


Pioneering the market for an entirely new product
Persistent effort leads to solid results

My current role is to develop sales strategies to further enhance IQOS presence in the market. Three years ago when I was assigned to the IQOS department we were still a small team with only three people. In 2014, we conducted a test market in Nagoya which saw good results. Through trial and error, we created a channel strategy from scratch. We have taken various actions to promote the understanding of the product’s characteristics, in order to encourage trial from legal age smokers. In 2015, we expanded our sales area to 12 prefectures, and nationwide in 2016. Two months after sales began to pick up, we started to experience drastic growth with this new product. It had been two years since I had started working on this initiative and the department head count had increased to a total of 30+ people. One of the most rewarding aspects of this job is being able to closely experience how this extraordinary product had begun to reshape the market and become extremely popular.


Striving to create a world where IQOS becomes the favorite product for all legal age smokers

With IQOS becoming more established by the day, lifestyles related to tobacco consumption are changing. Philip Morris Japan has no doubt been able to create a new market with new value and this wave will not stop here. It’s been a while since the decrease in the smoking population was a topic of conversation. But if you think about the scale of the market, growth in sales, and size of impact, I think the tobacco industry is THE market to be in at the moment. As a team, our goal is to convert all legal age smokers to IQOS and make it their favorite choice. I strongly think that we can achieve this goal through our team spirit and collaborative culture that this company holds.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan consists of people with various backgrounds, including myself. Our company has a culture of acceptance, so regardless of joining as a new graduates or mid-career, you will be able to fully see your potential put into action!


Relevant available positions


Develops business strategies for IQOS – our “heat not burn” tobacco product. In addition, convert legal age smokers of combustible cigarettes to IQOS


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.

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