Marketing director who experienced 7 positions in 9 years MAMI

Marketing director who experienced 7 positions in 9 years

Director Marketing & Communications




One of the most important reasons for me to join the company was the “PEOPLE”

I first found out about Philip Morris 9 years ago at the Boston Career Forum. All I knew about the company was basically that they were a multinational company, and really did not have an idea how it would be to work there.
Still, I stopped by the booth out of mere curiosity to hear what they had to say, and found out how the people there were really interesting. They were so passionate when describing the company to me. If I had to describe the culture in one word, I would say “A group of passionate people who are creators”. It was so stimulating that my image of the company changed drastically.


Moving to another department began like a stroll around the park

Maybe it was destined to be (?) In any case, I decided to join the company. In the beginning, I was employed as a research coordinator. Not long after I joined the company, I happened to mention that, “I want to know more about the policy and vision of the company”, and my manager back then sort of casually said, why don’t you find out by rotating through different departments?
After that, it was a whirlwind of experiences. Though there were various challenges along the way, I had the opportunity to experience different assignments almost every year, starting with Corporate Affairs, then Innovations, and finally to the Brand team. I went on a completely different path from what I had imagined. I must say, the journey up until now has been a series of bright surprises.


My experience in different departments has provided me with a variety of strengths

Several years after joining the company, I became part of the Lark brand team where I was able to learn the fundamentals of brand marketing. Then I moved on to the Philip Morris International headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland where I worked on developing the global strategy for Marlboro. Afterwards, I came back to Japan to lead the Parliament, Virginia S. and Marlboro brands, then to my current position. My role with the current position is to build the brand business, and I believe that the variety of learnings other than brand that I acquired over the years such as Sales, Corporate Affairs, and Law has also been truly helpful for me to manage the brand from a holistic point of view. Now that I think about it, Philip Morris being a global company, maybe they were thinking of providing a variety of experiences to me in order to foster a commercial oriented business person with a broad perspective.


A friendly work place for women, it’s as simple as that

When speaking with people outside the company, I’m often asked the question whether the company is a good place for women to work. I often think that even though the word “women” is one word, the company is not stuck with just one interpretation. In fact, we could be mothers, or be taking maternity leaves, have long tenures, have overseas backgrounds, be married, or could be single. The company accepts the fact that each individual has a different situation, and thanks to that I believe I have been able do my best without feeling restrained.
Just as I could not imagine where I am today when I first joined the company, I have no clue how the future would turn out for me. All I can say is that every day I come to work excited for the exact same reason, because I know that I am shaping my future every day.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

There is a phrase in Marlboro; ‘Don’t be a MAYBE’. Sometimes in life, you will reach a crossroad, a point in which you need to make major decisions, even difficult ones. Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”, be confident and move forward with the decisions made. That is the sort of “passion” which I think is important. And I can tell you that Philip Morris Japan is exactly the place you want to be if you think you are passionate with what you do.


Relevant available positions


Grow our brands’ equity and share by developing long term strategies, innovation pipeline and digitally enhanced product initiatives by leveraging consumer insight and direct engagement.


Develops and supports commercial plans in addition to managing key accounts & field sales force.

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