There are experiences only Marlboro, the world’s number 1 brand, can offer STEVE

There are experiences only Marlboro, the world’s number 1 brand, can offer

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Leading the market for over 40 years, I wanted to know its secret

“I want to work directly with the product I sell.” It was the desire I had when I decided to join Philip Morris Japan. The company’s signature brand, Marlboro, has been at the top of the world’s cigarette market for over 40 years. I felt that it was here where I would learn both time-tested methods and cutting-edge knowhow. At first, I worked in the Duty Free marketing team. After two years, I transferred to the Marlboro brand team.


From Japan to the world
Pushing new products to the global market

In the Marlboro brand team, I was involved in brand strategy/new product development and campaign operations where I developed advertisements, packaging designs and digital contents all while working closely with other departments. There were so many things happening all the time. One of my most memorable accomplishments was the product we developed and launched in Japan that went on to be successfully rolled-out globally. Philip Morris Japan is considered to be at the forefront of Philip Morris International. Because Japan is one of the most important markets in the world for Philip Morris International, we have some of the most amazing talent and resources to create global products.


From Japan to Switzerland
Our workplace is global

Taking advantage of the company’s overseas job assignment program, I am currently working at Philip Morris International’s headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Again, I am working in the Marlboro brand team. In the multi-national team made up of people from around the world, we engage in active discussions such as the brand’s global strategy plans and pursue the best way to implement them in each of our unique markets. As the world’s number 1 brand, it is important that Marlboro maintain consistency in both its packaging and communications. Working together with the markets of different countries, we make sure a high-quality brand message is communicated consistently in all of our markets around the world. The global viewpoint I am learning in this workplace is extremely valuable. I firmly believe it will be useful when I return to Japan.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

I would say our company is where your dreams come true. If you proactively challenge yourself, you will be given whole-hearted support and many opportunities to achieve your goals.


Relevant available positions


Grow our brands’ equity and share by developing long term strategies, innovation pipeline and digitally enhanced product initiatives by leveraging consumer insight and direct engagement.


Develops business strategies for IQOS – our “heat not burn” tobacco product. In addition, convert legal age smokers of combustible cigarettes to IQOS

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