It’s rewarding, being able to deliver something from Japan to the world NORIYUKI

It’s rewarding, being able to deliver something from Japan to the world

Manager IS RRP Front-End Systems




Each and every challenge becomes the precedent of the tobacco industry

Currently, I am involved in IT projects relating to IQOS. I work on website operation, internal management systems, and communication with the call center. Working together with developers in Switzerland, where the headquarters of Philip Morris International is located, as well as developers from other countries, every day we come up with various solutions to support our business. Japan has many projects that we work on as a global pioneer, and being a completely new product, IQOS has no precedent. Being involved in such a challenging job, as well as paving a new path for Philip Morris Japan, is very rewarding for me.


I want to share Japan’s IQOS success stories with other countries

I have originally had a wish to work outside of Japan, and five years ago using the overseas job assignment program, I went to work in Switzerland. Within the year that I was there, I was able to learn about the common IT systems which Philip Morris International uses around the world. Even after returning to Japan, I still maintain good relationships with colleagues from other countries whom I met during my assignment in Switzerland, and recently I often receive questions regarding IQOS. There seems to be many other markets looking to implement IQOS, so I might have other opportunities to work abroad again.


Every day I’m able to feel comfortable at the workplace, as well as outside of work

There is a perception that IT work is done individually, but here we work together as a team to get projects done. I had an opportunity to see the office work environment before joining the company. My impression of the work environment today is the same as the impression I had back then – “cozy.” My time outside of work has also changed since I started working for Philip Morris Japan. I have sufficient time to spend with my family, and it is easier to obtain long vacations. I took parental leave to support my wife, and I did not have to worry about it because both male and female colleagues have taken parental leave. You need a certain environment to allow you to do good work for a long time. That is what I feel here every day.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan is part of a large global company, and has the dynamism to influence the industry itself. It is full of opportunities to get involved in challenging work.


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