Aspiring to be a true professional who can thrive in a global environment CARIANNE

Aspiring to be a true professional who can thrive in a global environment





My overseas experience has broadened my horizon

When I was working for an audit firm in New York, I was transferred to its affiliate in Japan. It was a good time to reconsider my profession and that was when I encountered Phillip Morris Japan. After I joined, I had the opportunity to discuss with my manager about my aspirations to work overseas, and miraculously, this materialized during my second year. I was stationed in Hong Kong and Indonesia for 14 months, looking over the internal auditing of the entire Asia region. I traveled almost every month to Australia, New Zealand and India to visit our local affiliates. The assignment was intense, however, the experience of working with people from various cultures has broadened my horizon.


A new assignment that developed my untapped potential

Currently, I am in charge of managing budget, analyzing marketing cost and reporting to management. It is a challenging job for both marketing and us, but we try our best to efficiently respond to their requests. When I was first assigned to this position, I had some reservations since my university major was not in finance. However, there was no reason for me to be overly anxious, as I realized that the company valued “passion” and “agility” as success factors. Although I did not have previous experience, I was able to deliver against my objectives and realize my potentials that I was unaware of.


We all strive to support each individual’s dream come true

Another notable aspect of our company is that it supports you regardless of different career aspirations or workstyles. My own aspiration is to further progress my career in this company and I am glad to know that my performance is judged fairly based on the results and effort. This, of course, applies to all employees, for example there is a variety of training programs available and I appreciate how the company looks after its employees’ long term career development. My current goal is to work overseas again, and to do so, I will enhance my professional skills in Japan first. I believe that is the right path to achieve my dream.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan offers impressive training programs. For example, there is a one-day training course where employees work on business cases, discuss strategy and receive productive feedback from assessors. The company goes the extra mile to develop its employees’ potential. You might discover your untapped potential here, too!


Relevant available positions


Assists in strategy formulation, performance measurement and allocating resources to meet our business objectives.


Manages product commercialization, supply chain & logistics, procurement and customer care.

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