As a non-smoker, I can contribute a different point of view TOMOKO

As a non-smoker, I can contribute a different point of view

Director Corporate & Scientific Affairs RRP




The voice of the employees changed my image about the company

Before I decided to join Philip Morris Japan, I was introduced to 11 people who work in the company. Partially owning to the fact that “Tobacco and Health” was a research subject of my graduate school studies, I had negative views on tobacco in our society. However, the conversations allowed me to bring up and discuss all my questions and doubts until I could understand and be confident with the company’s principles and policies. I remember one particular conversation I had with one of the directors. She said that she was proud of what she does “because we take our corporate responsibilities very seriously.” Further, she elaborated that “the self-imposed control in place is stricter than the industry standard and there are things only Philip Morris Japan can do to contribute to our society.” Also, I learned that Philip Morris Japan was in the process of developing products such as IQOS that can possibly reduce health risks related to smoking. I was drawn to the significance of such a product in our society and those are the factors that helped me make the decision to join Philip Morris Japan.


I wanted to see products that can possibly reduce health risks spread in the market

When I joined Philip Morris Japan, products which can possibly reduce health risks were still in the developmental phase. My goal was clear; so I communicated my intentions to my manager. They said, “let’s figure out what would be the best career path for you to achieve the goal.” I started in Sales when I joined the company, but my first assignment was in the Innovation team where new products are developed. It was here where I was involved in projects such as product concept development. Taking advantage of the overseas job assignment program, I went to Greece and built digital platforms with the Marlboro brand team. After returning to Japan, I was assigned again to the Innovation team and worked on different tasks including sales strategy development for new products. In a short period of time, I went through the whole process of tobacco sales and marketing. The experience and knowledge is now a strong asset I rely on for my current assignment, working on the IQOS brand.


Convey the true value of IQOS to create a better society

Since I was put in charge of IQOS Science and Regulations, I am making full use of my work experience in Philip Morris Japan and my knowledge of Biochemistry I obtained in graduate school. I communicate and disperse scientific information about IQOS to stakeholders such as doctors and public officials. For raising awareness of a product like IQOS, that can possibly reduce health risk and the harmful effect of tobacco in the society, we advocate such products to be accepted based on solid scientific evidence and proper regulations.
Through this new product, we are trying to cause a paradigm shift that leads to a more pleasant and comfortable society for both smokers and non-smokers. Every day, I truly enjoy being a part of the big change. I am genuinely happy that IQOS is growing rapidly and I hope in the future all legal age smokers convert from combustible cigarettes to a product such as IQOS which can possibly reduce health risk and help create a better society.


Even while caring for a small child, I don’t want to settle for less

I am surrounded by people who maintain a good balance between work and family without compromising their work performance. I am always grateful that I am given this challenging position that keeps fueling my passion while also taking advantage of shorter work hours to care for my child. The team is supportive of mothers; when my child catches a cold, they’d say, “Go home and be with your family.” Philip Morris Japan provides a great environment for mothers like myself, who want to do well both at work and at home. That’s why I recommend Philip Morris Japan also to my friends who are in similar circumstances.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

If you like taking on a large scale job in a global environment and enjoy working with a team, then join Philip Morris Japan. IQOS has the potential to change our society’s status quo and the company has many talented, unique and stimulating people.


Relevant available positions

Corporate Affairs

Strengthens the company’s reputation and credibility and focuses on shaping the best possible regulatory and fiscal environment for our products.


Develops business strategies for IQOS – our “heat not burn” tobacco product. In addition, convert legal age smokers of combustible cigarettes to IQOS

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