It’s all up to you A proactive attitude leads to success DAI

It’s all up to you A proactive attitude leads to success

Manager Procurement Retail




My image of the Procurement department having a passive culture had quickly changed

I am part of the Procurement team and my main responsibility is to purchase anything from office supplies to consulting services that are needed for our business. Also, I pay close attention to new technologies that might improve our office environment, or go out to find consulting companies which we can build new partnerships with. You might associate procurement with passive images like I did in the beginning but this does not hold true here in Philip Morris Japan. We are expected to proactively take actions to support the business. It is a challenging environment but that is exactly what drives me to actively pursue results.


This company encourages you to take a lead in what you do

One of the characteristics of the culture here is that we are encouraged to engage in open and active discussions. The department heads always leave their office doors open and welcome your ideas and suggestions. Especially during your everyday work, you are encouraged to raise questions and concerns to your teammates and managers, all in all to deliver better results for you and the company.


Keep on delivering results, and more opportunities will come to you

Philip Morris Japan is very passionate about developing its employees’ skills and talents. There is a wide variety of training courses and overseas assignments. When your career goal and the company’s needs meet, you will be offered a range of opportunities. As a matter of fact, I will start working in Singapore soon.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan is a place where you can broaden your horizon and experience endless possibilities. The company is here to support your aspirations because the employees’ success is ultimately the company’s success. Here, I believe you will discover your own talent and capabilities that you never thought you had.


Relevant available positions


Manages product commercialization, supply chain & logistics, procurement and customer care.


Assists in strategy formulation, performance measurement and allocating resources to meet our business objectives.

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