I was astonished by the employees’ capability throughout my internship

When I was a university student, I joined an internship program offered by Philip Morris Japan called “INKOMPASS.” During my time as an intern, I was constantly amazed by the free and frank atmosphere of the company and the high level of competency of the employees. At the conclusion of the program, we were assigned to give a presentation in English to senior management. It took too much time to conduct research on a given topic leaving little room to construct a proper presentation. So I asked one of the senior members for an advice. He understood my points and helped me organize them concisely. It was then I felt “I want to work with people like him! This company will help me grow.”


In Human Resources, I make daily effort to improve my ability to identify talent

Within my division, I am in charge of recruiting college graduates through “INKOMPASS”, the very program that became the starting point of my career in this company. My responsibility includes running events at a café nearby by numerous universities, full day assessment seminars consisting of group exercises and discussions, and overseeing the program’s operations. In the latest cycle, I observed participants performing extremely well in their management presentations. Yes, the same project I struggled with last year. I was genuinely impressed with their capability. But more than anything, it was very pleasing to have helped identify such outstanding students as a part of our Human Resources team. While those are my primary responsibilities at the moment, I would like to further hone my skills and become a professional who is capable of recruiting highly talented people. By working closely with managers and senior members that I respect, I am learning a great deal every day.


Go above and beyond your role to take on challenges. This company will support you

I raised my hand to involve myself in a variety of projects. For example, I proactively strive to add value to such projects led by other departments. I do so by providing fresh perspectives as a Human Resource specialist, and also as a “newbie” of the organization. You are given every opportunity to go above and beyond your own role to make contributions to the company from which you will receive sincere feedback. You will feel very comfortable taking on new challenges in this company.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

In this company, there is a strong sense of freedom, and the people are kind and straightforward. We are encouraged to “speak up” and express what we want to pursue. There is absolutely no need to worry about anyone judging your action as insolent. If you want to step up with clear goals in mind, this company will support your growth.


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