A rewarding international experience culture that embraces newcomers ROSARY

A rewarding international experience culture that embraces newcomers

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A company that provides various opportunities

I came to Philip Morris Japan on a short term assignment from the Philippines. My current role within HR is to support those who go on international assignments, both inbound and outbound, with visa arrangements and relocation accommodations relating to housing, tax and schooling to ensure a smooth transition for the assignees and his or her family members. Having experienced the transition myself, I know that Philip Morris Japan is highly committed to providing the right opportunities for professionals eager to challenge themselves and realize their aspirations abroad.


Comfortable fit from Day 1
Personal engagement with the team

While excited about my own international assignment, I was also worried about moving to a foreign country, particularly over how I would fit in with the new team. Yet from day 1, I felt at home with my new team members for several reasons. Firstly, given the international network I was able to gain during my original job in the Philippines, I had already spent plenty of time speaking to other assignees stationed in Japan. Moreover, the new team welcomed me with open arms by introducing key personnel, one by one, setting up lunch sessions with them and taking me to a number of meetings where I was asked to share my thoughts on a number of issues, all of which made it easier for me to integrate. Instantly, I felt that despite the cultural differences, I was up and running comfortably with the new team. Through this type of personal engagement with a set of onboarding programs, I am sure all our newcomers will have a nice and smooth transition.


We have a common goal that we deliver through team sprit

Collaboration clearly stood out upon my arrival. Philip Morris Japan truly believes in working as one team. Every member is a specialist in his or her specific area, yet we work extremely well together by openly discussing ideas and challenging each other to add value to the entire organization. Despite the different challenges, the experience here is highly rewarding, not only from a professional aspect but also from an emotional aspect. We have a strong team spirit where we support each other to deliver one goal. The mutual respect and the culture of gratitude that is embedded in this company is something I feel especially proud of.


For those considering a career at Philip Morris Japan

Philip Morris Japan is committed to offering opportunities for career development. Most importantly, they provide the necessary support for you to be successful regardless of your background or family situation. Don’t be afraid to try! You will find success here!


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